About Us

Saber International was born from a chance request from a buyer to fill a hole in their range. They knew what they wanted, but no one was distributing this in the UK.

From those early beginnings, Saber International has grown by sourcing the products that the UK wants. This has led to full ranges of product being distributed from some of the world’s best toy and leisure manufacturers, but the same initial concept remains true.... if you need a particular type of product then we will know exactly how to get that product made / designed / sourced for you.

At Saber International, we’ve sourced the best play equipment from around the world and brought it to the UK market. From indoor toys to outdoor activity products, we have everything you need to keep your children entertained.

Saber International has teamed up with leading brands like Berg Toys, Soulet, House of Toys, Exit and Triker to bring the best the world has to offer to the UK. Whether you’re looking for play houses, swings and slides... trampolines, go-karts or bikes, Saber International turns outdoor play into an adventure.

In addition, we have looked at the leisure industry and now support a full range of product for the garden. Everything from garden furniture, swimming pools and greenhouses to pet products, planters and parasols.

We realise that most of our products are big and bulky, so right from the start we’ve made ordering simple and delivery to you (or your customer) fast and reliable.

Contact Saber International today and open new doors to a range of product not found anywhere else.